May 29, 2024
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ZaRio: The Gift of R&B Is The Next Great Rising Artist with Debut “She Don’t Know Love”

There is so much depth to ZaRio’s artistry. It strikes a perfect balance between lyrical intelligence and the sound of the most passionate person one follows on social media. The first release from the highly talented rising star and edgelord is a thrilling ride that puts his range on full display, inhabiting a singular universe on its own. 

ZaRio developed his love for music at a young age. While he was only eight years old, after joining his middle school chorus, the artist found himself falling even more in love with the arts. His passion only grew stronger growing up. Consequently, in his adolescent years, he began to organize and lead the children of Atlanta and around the country to find the true meaning of life. 

His volunteerism later sparked his interest in activism, and he went on to become a seasoned motivational speaker renowned both in his neighborhood and worldwide. However, more often than not, his activism often overshadowed his love and time for music. With an intense sentiment for leadership, change, and personal growth, ZaRio struggled to balance music and activism.

Setting his sights on returning to music and becoming more dedicated to his art, ZaRio released his debut single, “She Don’t Know Love.” With co-producer Errol “EZ” Taylor, the release of his first song has been a success as it climbs up the charts. It is taking over streaming platforms, approaching 1,000,000 streams in its first few weeks. Additionally, it has hit the top ten on iTunes Charts.

On his latest debut, the activist turned great rising artist gets creative with some help from his wordplay and relatable theme. Recently, he released a hit music video to go along with the recent track “She Don’t Know Love.” He attempts to invoke thoughts of a bittersweet romance storyline. “Love is far away from the pain that I see in her eyes,” ZaRio raps, on a scene following the singer through a beautiful snowy breathtaking setting. As in the video for the single, he offers his admiration with respect and with genuine sincerity. Now, it has over 1,100,000 views on YouTube globally. 

ZaRio is bringing R&B back to the spotlight and doing so at a fast rate. As he releases songs that include a blend of catchy melodic sounds and beautiful harmonies, he quickly grabs the curiosity of music enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, he is an artist that hopes to touch lives and souls. He stands to be an inspiration to others while being a true Gentleman — nothing more than being himself.

Moreover, the young star is just getting started as he plans to release his first extended play record, Sorry to Keep You Waiting, later in the year as a nod to his R&B music fans across the world.

In all that he does, ZaRio takes his role as an inspiration seriously in music and advocacy. As he continues to heed the call to activism, ZaRio envisioned his position as one of the most graceful leaders for the society, being viewed not as just a man, but a profound artist who carries himself as a gentleman in all ways with a platform and the values to use it for good.

Learn more about ZaRio by visiting his website and Instagram. Or, to download and stream his music, see She Don’t Know Love’s YouTube video.

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