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No matter what people say, no one can succeed without some help or guidance. The hard work is undoubtedly their own, but without others’ support, they wouldn’t be able to get to the top. While there are people who forget their roots and leave people who supported them, Sean Hussain knows how important it is to share his successes. His company Top Choice Capital is a testament to everyone who has helped reach great heights in the real estate industry.

Sean had always dreamed of success, even at a young age. He recalls one summer day when he was watching television, and it was a Larry King program that featured Bill Gates. The talk show host asked the billionaire about his secret to success. Bill replied, “I was at the right place at the right time and I had the vision,” he then proceeded to elaborate, “My friends that were there at the right place at the right time… even had the vision but it didn’t turn out successful. The only difference was I took massive and immediate action.” The millionaire would then explain how in this economic environment, being at the right place at the right time with the vision would need massive and immediate action to succeed.”

Bill Gates’ words remained with Sean as he grew up. He strove to reach the same heights, giving birth to a passion that later led to an obsession. He decided to work in the Real Estate industry. There Sean worked for fifteen years, finding great success. Having gained experience and knowledge in the Real Estate space, Sean was motivated to strike out with his brand and created Top Choice Capital.

Top Choice Capital is among the jewels of the Real Estate investment space that does everything. They buy, fix, and flip properties in SoCal and build ground-up construction, additions, and ADU’s (Additional Dwelling Units.) Top Choice Capital also develops Multifamily properties and build’s contemporary modern homes. They also have a Go Green Initiative – Modular Construction where they create an entire house from start to finish in less than 30 days.

The company doesn’t exaggerate when they say they do everything in house. Top Choice Capital does architecture, engineering, and permit expediting with a team of more than fifty employees. They also have their own tools and earth moving equipment. When an Agent or Broker sends them any potential opportunity, Sean and his team decide within one hour, seven days a week, to close on any property as quickly as two business days. 

Top Choice Capital also offers Agent and Broker partners sixty-minute or less to review a deal and send an offer with $50,000 in non-refundable earnest money (EMD)  with no contingencies assuring the deal will get closed. Top Choice Capital provides access to free exotic cars and pays more commissions to Agents and Brokers than they ever dreamed of making on a single transaction.

Sean believes that challenges bring opportunities for everyone if they know where to look. His goal is to make Top Choice Capital go public and profit share that success with their business partners. Sean sees himself focusing on parts of the business he enjoys and hopes to hire a CEO to replace him so he can resume his current responsibilities.

To learn more about Sean Hussain and Top Choice Capital, you may visit their website.

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