May 29, 2024
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Charmed by Rucker Uses Fashion and Style to Build Confidence and Character

Charmed by Rucker elevates styling and image consultancy into helping clients unlock their potential. The brand goes beyond superficial makeovers and focuses instead on developing confidence and building relationships.

Charmed by Rucker started transforming people’s style and image in 2017. Even as a young woman, company founder Stefany Rucker was always passionate about fashion. Her personal hobby eventually grew into styling her friends and family for photoshoots and events. Their involvement later generated referrals, and, before long, Stefany found herself with a full-blown styling and image consulting business.

As Stefany began to heed the validation of her fashion abilities, she also started to book close family and friends as clients. This process of reflection helped her realize that what she was engaged in was not a burden to her. Stefany knew that she would never lose interest in what she was doing and finally admitted to herself that it was time to build and develop a brand – Charmed by Rucker. 

Stefany Rucker has a degree in Communications and Media Arts, Public Communication, and Interpersonal Communications. Her knowledge in creative direction and relationship building shapes Charmed by Rucker’s business model and customer service. In addition to the excellent service and personalized experiences, the brand’s emphasis on establishing a genuine bond and building relationships are the primary factors that lead to customer loyalty.

These values are essential in the fashion, style, and image consulting industry. Fashion and style are external manifestations of a person’s sense of self. The more a person develops their self-identity through enriching relationships, the more confident they can present themselves through fashion and style. Charmed by Rucker is making a name for itself because of Stefany’s ability to bridge relationships between clients and brands. Many of its clients have gained brand ambassador opportunities and invitations to fashion week.

The brand greatly believes that helping clients look good only comes after unlocking their potential. When people want to change or improve their style or image significantly, it is often in response to anxiety, opportunity, aspiration, and many others. Stylists and image consultants can choose to approach clients’ requests as a cry for help, an invitation to celebrate, and everything in between. Charmed by Rucker helps its clients gain confidence by giving them that much-needed extra push to pursue the things they want in life.

For Stefany Rucker, the core values of Charmed by Rucker are a natural outgrowth of her faith. Her commitment to model divine attributes helps her maintain high standards of hospitality to her clients. “Being able to bring Christian practices into my business, in addition to my reputation of having an infectious and genuine personality, gives credibility to my character,” explains Stefany Rucker.

Charmed by Rucker specializes in styling clients for fashion shoots. The brand aims to be a household name in the fashion and style industry and soon represent more celebrity clients. Regardless of their background, clients will benefit from Charmed by Rucker’s focus on personal and tailor-fit styling services.

You can follow Charmed by Rucker on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about the brand.

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