July 13, 2024
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Douglas Taurel Takes His Off-Broadway One-Man Show The American Soldier on Tour to Honor Veterans

Photo by Dianna Bush Photography

Veterans deserve all the appreciation in the world, and one artist is using his entertaining talent to make veterans feel valued. In celebration of Veterans Day and honoring the lives of the selfless individuals who bravely served the United States, rising actor Douglas Taurel is taking his off-Broadway one-man show, The American Soldier on the road. The actor will showcase his talent across the country this fall, first at the Doudna Fine Arts Center in Charleston, Illinois, then at Monmouth University, New Jersey, and finally at the Performing Art Center at Kent State University, Ohio. In the final leg of his tour, Douglas will be stepping in for Stephen Lang’s one-man show, Beyond Glory.

Douglas has long been appreciated by veterans for being the voice that amplified their stories to the world and what they go through while being away from their homes and families. The actor provides audiences with unforgettable and eye-opening experiences that leave them moved and inspired. The American Soldier is yet another testament to his commitment to fostering a sincere appreciation for the sacrifices veterans have made for people’s freedom among his audiences.

To this day, Douglas performed The American Soldier in over 24 states and 34 cities, including the Kennedy Center, The Library of Congress, and the American Legion’s National Headquarters. He also received various accolades for his performance, taking on the role of 14 characters throughout his one-man show, including the prestigious Amnesty International Award. 

Asked what makes him such a compelling actor on stage, Douglas revealed that he has gone through extensive research, reading letters and countless interviews of veterans with their families. The American Soldier is a culmination of all his efforts, crafted around the experiences of veterans from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“My goal as a creator of this play is to elevate these stories and remind us all of what we all have in common as Americans,” Douglas said. With The American Soldier, he aims to ensure that stories of veterans’ heroism, courage, and sacrifice never gets forgotten and lives through time. 

Besides amplifying The American Soldier to broader audiences, Douglas also worked on diverse projects, including portraying the role of Joe Petito in the upcoming Lifetime movie, The Gabby Petito Story, based on the life and tragic death of Gabby Petito and directed by Thora Birch to reach viewers through the Lifetime Movie Network on October 1, 2022.

Douglas has also starred in various television shows, The Affair, Mr. Robot, and The Americans, to name a few. He also worked alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman in The Cobbler and Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Kindergarten Teacher. 

Among his latest works and involvements are starring and directing the television series entire Landing Home, a masterpiece he also wrote himself. Landing Home garnered multiple awards, such as Best Drama at the GI Film Festival. He was also nominated for Best Actor and First Time Director at the event. Furthermore, the series earned Best Drama at the Wings of Honor Festival, where Douglas was also nominated for Best Actor. Landing Home now reaches viewers worldwide and is streamed on popular platforms, such as Amazon, Apple, and Google Play.

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