July 17, 2024
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How Luis Millan Can Help You Leverage The Power of E-commerce

How Luis Millan Can Help You Leverage The Power of E-commerce
Photo Courtesy: Josh Wright

By: Steve Miles

Push Ecom Solutions Is Your One-Stop Shop For E-commerce Success 

It is an undeniable truth that e-commerce is one of the important aspects of running a business in today’s world. Yet, being able to operate and succeed in a business environment that involves so many different variables can be very tricky to navigate without trusted partners, such as Luis Millan’s venture, Push Ecom Solutions.

From investing in e-commerce to warehousing and growing your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) operations, Push Ecom Solutions is the ideal partner to help your business achieve its true potential. “I have seen many waves in the online space and have been able to adjust with policies and logistical complications year after year,” Millan says.

“The growth and expansion of e-commerce platforms like Amazon made me realize that I needed to shift towards the future of buying and selling. It was very evident that e-commerce will continue to grow due to the facility and convenience of customers’ online ordering.”

A Bright, Entrepreneurial Spirit

Millan has always been business-oriented, having had a background in technology. Despite having started from humble beginnings in Puerto Rico, he embarked on his journey in the cell repair industry at the age of 18, later founding a company with business partner Chase Alley to eventually selling it at the age of 22, having opened three highly profitable brick-and-mortar locations. Over the years he stayed in the cell phone industry but this time focusing on the selling and distribution of items such as computers, cell phones and accessories on eBay and the B2B space.

“I soon learned that my focus was catered towards the online space which ultimately led me to sell the Gutter business and fully focus on selling on Amazon for myself and multiple partners and now managing over 380 clients in my industry,” he explains. “I will say that my business experience in investing from a young age is really what makes me different from online entrepreneurs by actually owning physical and corporate businesses over the years.”

Shift to FBA

Millan rejoined forces with Chase Alley to launch Push Ecom Solutions – a company designed to help businesses grow through FBA. “Our biggest challenge was migrating our business model on Amazon from a dropshipping model to Amazon’s FBA,” Millan explains. In fact, many companies in that space failed to adapt, and closed doors, but Millan persisted.

“This was a very difficult challenge for us due to all the changes we had to make as a company, this included setting up strategic warehouse points across the USA, getting brand and permit approvals that were required by Amazon, alongside having our own warehouses and involving more staff and teams to grow,” he adds.

The company has grown exponentially ever since and is thriving, as Millan is determined to help more young entrepreneurs grow their businesses. “My dream is to teach the younger guys especially in the inner cities that there are more ways to grow, teaching them that where you came from doesn’t determine your future,” Millan notes. With Push Ecom Solutions, Millan hopes to make this vision a reality for many more business owners across the country.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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