April 21, 2024
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The Truth About Michael Ciminella, Naomi Judd’s Ex-Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Naomi’s first marriage became one of the most tumultuous in Hollywood, thanks partly to her husband. Michael Ciminella, Naomi’s ex-husband, has been married three times and is currently wed to Pamela Anderson.”

Who is Michael Ciminella?

Michael Ciminella is a former professional baseball player known for being the ex-husband of country music star Naomi Judd. The two were married from 1989 to 1998 and had one child together, daughter Ashley Judd.

Before his marriage to Naomi, Michael had a brief career in professional baseball, playing for the minor league teams of the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees. He also worked as a real estate agent.

Since his divorce from Naomi, Michael has stayed mainly out of the public eye. However, in recent years he has made headlines for filing for bankruptcy and being accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife.

How did Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd meet?

Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd met in the early 1970s when they both worked as songwriters in Nashville. They married in 1974 and had two children, Ashley and Wynonna.

Michael and Naomi Judd divorced in 1988 after 14 years of marriage. Michael was arrested several times after the divorce. In 2001, he was sentenced to eight years for assaulting his then-girlfriend.

Since escaping prison, Michael Ciminella has largely stayed out of the public eye. However, in recent years he has made headlines for suing Naomi Judd and her daughter Wynonna for defamation. In 2016, a jury ruled in favor of Naomi and Wynonna Judd and ordered Michael Ciminella to pay them $250,000 each.

What is his connection to drugs?

Michael Ciminella is the ex-husband of country music singer Naomi Judd. He has been accused of drug use and dealing drugs.

Ciminella was arrested in 1989 on charges of possession and sale of cocaine. He pleaded guilty to the authorities and served two years in prison.

In 1991, Ciminella was arrested again on drug charges. This time, he was charged with possessing methamphetamine to sell. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Ciminella has denied any involvement with drugs since his release from prison. However, many still believe he is involved in the drug trade.

How did they end their marriage?

Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd ended their marriage in 1988 after 18 years. Michael was reportedly unfaithful to Naomi, which led to the end of their relationship.

Naomi said she was “devastated” when she found out about Michael’s infidelity. She has also said that she “felt like [she] had been hit by a truck.” After their divorce, Naomi went on to find success as a country music singer. She has won multiple Grammy Awards and sold millions of records.

Michael has stayed mainly out of the spotlight since his divorce from Naomi. He has not been married since their split and has no children.

Michael’s current relationship with Naomi

Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd were married from 1989 to 1999. They have three children together: Ashley, Wynonna, and Elijah.

Since their divorce, Michael and Naomi have had a strained relationship. In 2012, Naomi filed a restraining order against Michael after he allegedly made threatening phone calls to her.

Despite their rocky relationship, Michael has remained close to his children. He has been seen attending several of Wynonna’s concerts over the years.

Overall, Michael Ciminella is Naomi Judd’s ex-husband and the father of her three children. While their relationship is not perfect, they have remained close over the years.

Conclusion of the article

In conclusion, Michael Ciminella is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has been married to Naomi Judd for over 20 years, and they have three children together. He is a doting father and husband, and the couple seems happy. Ciminella has always supported Judd’s career and is proud of her achievements. He is a private person and does not seek the limelight, preferring to let his wife take the spotlight. However, he is essential to her life, and she would not be where she is today without him.

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