May 28, 2024
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Sierra Coleman Ministries Walk With Spiritual Torches to Set People Away From the Dark and Back on the Right Path

Everyone goes through inner turmoil, but no one can measure the length of their struggles. Some people can overcome their battles in a short span while others take longer, even taking years to fight and survive. Sierra Coleman has had firsthand experience battling depression and fighting off thoughts of ending her life, giving her a complete understanding of what many people are going through. She has been guiding people and helping them get on the right path through Sierra Coleman Ministries.

The ministry was created by Sierra Coleman, an individual raised in the rough streets of Baltimore City, Maryland. There Coleman spiraled towards vices and a dangerous lifestyle. She fell into the drug addiction and frequently went to rehab. Coleman would also join gangs and get into toxic relationships. 

While others would have overlooked her as a lost cause, Coleman could get a second chance in life when someone introduced her to the salvation that Jesus Christ presented. Through Christ, she was able to set her life on a better path. With her newfound peace, Coleman decided to pay her redemption forward by helping others.

Sierra Coleman Ministries was founded in 2019 with one mission: to reach out to as many people as possible through the raw, spiritual fire that they carry. It is a ministry that has garnered a reputation as a bounce-back ministry and earned the nickname as a “fire ministry” for releasing supernatural strength to people. Its members are known for walking with fire and speaking with boldness, as they help others lift the squalls in their lives. Sierra Coleman Ministries teaches how they can make their breakthrough in life and become who they are called to be.

Operating in signs and wonders, the fire ministry specializes in deliverance. Using their God-given gifts and anointing, Coleman and her fellow ministry members break every person free from their mental and spiritual prisons. By learning to use their past pains for a purpose, the ministry breaks curses, hindrances, suicide, and depression from people’s minds, making them unique.

Sierra Coleman Ministries is also led by a young generation who are energetic and passionate about God. Despite their inked exteriors, they have been following in the footsteps of other tattooed preachers that the typical preachers cannot reach. Coleman and her fellow ministry members take an unapologetic approach and show no fear in letting the world see their tattoos as they try to win souls. “We are walking with spiritual torches to deliver the sick and to feed the hungry,” Sierra Coleman explained. “Our ministry had become a success, but it wasn’t overnight. It was a process of trials and setbacks.”

Despite the complications that the ministry encountered in the beginning, Coleman has remained steadfast in her mission. Because of the pandemic, they have become an online platform designed to teach, uplift, and help people prosper. Sierra Coleman hopes to go as far as she possibly can to preach the gospel. Her goal is to host her own talk show titled the Sierra Coleman Show and start her own television network where other up-and-coming preachers of the gospel can join her in broadcast and spread God’s word.

Learn more about Sierra Coleman Ministries by following their official Instagram account. You can also find them posting updates on Facebook.

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