July 16, 2024
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Singer and Songwriter Tex Moonlight Releases Latest Soulful Single 

Enigmatic and well-respected singer and songwriter Tex Moonlight recently released another masterpiece with his soulful single titled “God Knows I Love It,” which highlights his resolve to deal with his own insecurities by sharing it with the rest of the world. The artist once again showcases his exceptional lyrical skills that reveal his personal journey of examining his own mortality as he remembers his departed loved ones. If anything, Tex has once again successfully created a song that is highly relatable for many music fans across the globe. 

“Nostalgia can linger like ghosts,” Tex revealed. “But I don’t feel haunted…these days, I’m swimming in gratitude.”

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Tex drew inspiration from the challenges the world was facing to create his album Moonshot. In the same year, he also released two singles, “Soft Blue Lights” and “Smoke Signals.” This 2022, apart from the release of “God Knows I Love It,” he also launched the singles “Cracks” and “Break My Heart.”

From the time he launched his personal brand in the music industry, Tex has created quite a number of original compositions that stir the emotions of his fans. Known for his unique fusion of American and Electronica styles, which he fondly calls Americonica, Tex has successfully created a distinct sound that music fans can easily recognize. Interestingly, he can seamlessly blend glossy technologies with traditional instrumentation and classic song structure, a skill that seems to come out naturally to him. 

Tex unabashedly admits the thing that seduces him most: “Nothing turns me on quite like getting a whacked-out break-beat looped under a pedal steel.”

Tex was raised in Baltimore but now resides in Los Angeles. While in his home city, he was greatly influenced by the eclectic local scene, which showcases how the blue-collar population easily blends with the underground hip-hop groups and the punk/ hardcore community. It was that fusion of genres and musical tastes that fanned the burning flame inside of him. Tex started to experiment with his own Neo-folk and futuristic postmodern Blues, something that closely resembles the sounds of Beck and Glen Campbell. 

In the beginning, Tex did front acts in various locations, including New York and Washington D.C. However, it was only in 2020 that he mustered the courage to launch his personal brand and share his distinct sound with the rest of the world. The production of Moonshot was made possible with the help of producer and engineering guru Dave Nachodsky, who is best known for his works with artists Keb Mo’ and Donna Lewis. In fact, Tex recorded the album in Dave’s Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore. 

Over the past two years, Tex has created a bunch of other songs, including “Roll You Up,” “Raise a Fire,” “Tell It to the Moon,” “Real Love for Free,” “Alright to Cry,” and “Heart, Bone Like China.” All of them are available on Spotify

Armed with his passion for music and desire to connect with the rest of the world, Tex Moonlight can be expected to release more awe-inspiring projects in the near future. Having successfully created a genuine sound that is unlike anything music fans mostly hear, there is no doubt that he will continue to rise in the coming years. V

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